Window Replacement

Window ReplacementA window replacement project can be much more than a simple repair or stylistic change to your house. An investment into modern energy-efficient and insulating windows can let you see significant financial savings from the project over time. For this reason you should seek to talk to a specialist window contractor about your best options for window replacement, in order to make sure you get the desired style and functionality from your new windows.

Why Replace Your Windows?

If you have old windows with wooden frames and single panes of glass, then you are losing money each and every day. Older and inefficient windows allow your home's internal heat to escape, and for the sun's radiant heat to enter during summer. That makes your furnace or air conditioner work harder, costing you money.

Additionally, older windows are in more danger of shattering as they can be brittle after having undergone years of stress. Replacing these windows before they actually break will help with your energy efficiency, and ensure the safety of your family as well.

Making Money from a Window Replacement Project

The good news is those new windows of yours should be able to be used as a deduction on your federal income taxes. Before you finalize a contract for any windows, make sure they are energy efficient and will be tax deductible. You will save money every year on your energy bills, and you will get a nice boost in your federal income tax return as well.

Things to Be Aware of With a Window Project

When you start out a window renovation, your intent may be to only replace your old windows with new and more efficient models. But if your house is older, then you may need work done on the walls as well, because your window openings may not be structured to take thicker, insulated windows. Talk to a contractor about your window needs and see if your project will be a simple replacement process, or if there will need to be other remodeling going on as well.

Types of Windows and Window Glass

Technology has brought us a wide variety of windows to choose from. Window panes themselves are made from treated glass and the frames are usually made from vinyl or fiberglass. It is possible to get very specialized windows such as those that become darker when the sunlight hits them, or windows that are glazed to offer privacy.

The most energy efficient windows are double-pane units with gas in between the two panes. The gas acts as insulation to help keep out the sun's ultraviolet rays as well as the cold or warm weather outside.

Most people have double-hung windows installed, which are two sets of windows in a single frame. The windows can be moved to allow fresh air in through a screen, or both panes can be closed to protect from the weather. If you want to easily clean your windows yourself, be sure to get double-hung windows that fold out and give easier access. If you prefer to have a professional clean your windows then you can search for a local window cleaner online.

Preparing For a Window Replacement Job

Before the project begins you will need to clear away room in front of each window to allow the installers full access. This means moving furniture, if necessary, and removing all window treatments such as curtains and blinds.

Never allow children or pets near a window replacement project. Not only are the windows heavy, but the exposed opening that is temporarily created when replacing windows can be a hazard.

Decor and Design Ideas

Windows come in a variety of designs and you should have no problem finding a design that compliments your home. Instead of the classic rectangular window, you may want to try a circular window. Upstairs windows often look regal when round top designs are used.

In specialty rooms, consider windows that have treated glass in different colors. You may even want to consider putting in a leadlight or stained glass window to make the room it resides in really stand out.

Finding the Right Window Replacement Contractor

It is critical to find a good window replacement contractor because installing windows is not an easy job. There are several small details with each project that need to be attended to and, if they are not, it could mean thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

When you seek out quotes from window contractors, always get at least three quotes from separate contractors. Make sure that each quote gives you the same information so that you can judge them equally.

Ask each contractor to show you their insurance information and contractor's license. Be very cautious about working with a company that will not provide you with these details or try to assure you they are not required. Also, ask each contractor for referrals that you can call, and be sure to call those referrals to find out about the contractor's work. A good online tool for collecting multiple quotes from contractors in your area is located here.

Getting new windows is a great way to save money while updating the look of your home. Improve your home's curb appeal and energy efficiency with some new windows.