Tile Installation & Tiling Services

Tile InstallationTile is a versatile material, and there are many ways to enhance your home with tile. You can use tiling on the interior walls of your home, as flooring in wet areas. It is popular for use in exterior areas as well, particularly around pools. Most spectacularly, tiles can make a very unique and hard-wearing design anywhere on your property. Tile always looks good.

The interior work done with tile can be done in any room and for any purpose. Some of the most popular uses for tile include:

  • Bathroom walls and floor
  • Kitchen walls and floor
  • Foyer floor
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Custom designed shower surround
  • Fireplace

As long as you use the right kind of tile, there is no end to the ways that you can bring more color and style to your home's design. Tiling a kitchen or bathroom countertop can be done by specialists experienced in that kind of project. Tiling small spaces requires cutting and finishing many tiles, and then assembling them into the most attractive pattern. You can search online for tiling companies who are skilled in countertop projects.

Types of Tile

Tile can be ceramic, stone, or linoleum. There is even tile made from recycled glass, which gives a beautiful, light-refracting glow to any bathroom wall or shower surround. When it comes to elegance, most people turn to tile made from marble or some other stone. These tiles are deceivingly durable and can create a look that will last for years.

Stone tiles are usually made from slate or granite, which offers a wide variety of colorful options. If you are looking for something that is a bit easier on the wallet, then try tile made from linoleum or other inexpensive materials. It is possibly to find tiles that give you the visual effect you desire while still being easy on your wallet.

Tips for Installing Tile

A tile surface needs a flat area for proper installation. Whether you are installing a bathroom floor or a kitchen counter top, the base surface needs to be completely flat for the tile to be laid down properly. Some people will install a plywood surface first and then put the tile over the plywood. If you are installing tile in the kitchen or bathroom, then use a flat surface that is waterproof and designed to withstand the moisture.

After tile is installed, it needs to be treated to avoid being stained and damaged by liquids. Since tile is so durable, most people assume that it does not need any help against water or wine. But tile that is not treated will stain, and tile stains are nearly impossible to remove. Tiles that are stained or cracked typically cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. Even if you have spare tiles left from the installation it is best to hire a tiling company to do the repair or replacement for you. If you cannot have your work done by the original installer you can search amongst local companies here.

Why You Need a Contractor

A tile contractor is as much an artist as he is an installation specialist. Be sure that you discuss your ideas with your contractor before getting the project underway. Installing tile is a precise process that requires the touch of a professional. After the tile is installed, in needs to be grouted to protect it from the elements and hold it in place. Grouting is the part of tile installation that trips up most amateurs, and makes them wish they'd left the project to a professional. That is why it is best to have an expert involved from the very beginning.

If you are trying to create a decorative pattern with tile, then you need to be very careful and exacting to avoid costly re-dos. A professional knows how to lay decorative tile so that the pattern is correct the first time. Always leave a complicated tiling project to a professional.

How to Find a Contractor

Every tiling contractor has their own approach and their own mode of work. That is why your best bet is to invite several contractors to your home to give you quotes that you can then compare. You should aim for a minimum of quotes from three different companies, and ensure they are all itemized so you can make a direct comparison of costs.

Explain your project to each contractor and pay close attention to the method they each will use to get the job done. To protect yourself, always ask each contractor to supply you with references you can call to check on the quality of their work. You should always request information on their insurance coverage information and any relevant licenses. It is best not to do business with a company that does not have insurance or a license, even if they claim they are not necessary.

The results you will get with a tiling project when you hire a professional contractor will add character and beauty to your home. You can begin your search with a local directory, or with an online search for tiling specialists. Take the time to discuss your specific needs with each contractor and choose the one who understands what you want to achieve, and has the experience necessary to get the job done.