Pool Remodeling

Pool RemodelingWhy would you remodel your pool? A practical answer is that, over time, the cost of completely remodeling your pool may be better than constantly paying to have various elements repaired. Perhaps it was the previous owner that installed the pool and you want to change your pool's design to more closely match changes you are making to your home or landscaping. Even more importantly you may find the zoning laws in your area may have changed since your pool was first installed and now you need to remodel it to get it up to code.

If you have decided that it is time to remodel your pool, then you should consider it an opportunity. This is your chance to take care of those nagging issues with the pool and re-create it into your ideal swimming and relaxing area.

What Goes Into A Pool Remodeling Project?

There are several elements that have to be taken into consideration with a pool remodeling project. The pool itself will require attention to:

  • The shell and any cracks or leaks that it may have.
  • The plumbing that leads to and from your pool.
  • The filter and other maintenance items.
  • The power requirements for any of the new features you will be adding.

Along with the pool itself, you should also consider the pool deck, the landscaping, any associated pool buildings, and the fencing that surrounds your pool. When it comes to planning a pool remodeling project, there is a lot that goes into the planning process and you will need expertise in several different construction disciplines to get the job done right.

What To Expect With A Pool Remodeling Project

The process of remodeling a pool may require your yard to be dug up, your water main to be turned on and off constantly, your pool to be closed for a while, or changes made to your entire yard. If you have a sizable pool, then you may also have to put up with large pieces of landscaping equipment working and being stored in your yard for weeks, and possibly months.

The one saving grace of a pool remodeling project is that it will not prevent you from being able to use your house for any reason. But if the summer months start getting hot and your pool has not been completed, then you can begin to feel your project is inconvenient.

Preparing For A Pool Remodeling Project

The first thing you will have to do to prepare for your pool remodeling project is accept the fact that you will have to do without your pool for some time.

You will also want to clear your yard and pool area of all loose objects and furniture in order to facilitate access to the project site. It may be best to rent a storage space and pack away your deck furniture, pool implements, and anything else that is in your yard. This will save you a lot of time and hassles when the project actually begins.

Why You Need a Contractor

Pool remodeling requires a very broad set of specialized skills to be done properly. The pool itself needs special equipment and tools to be redeveloped, and in addition there could be the need for landscaping, electrical work, and plumbing. Instead of trying to struggle DIY through each task, your best bet is to hire a contractor. You can find landscapers in your local area who are experienced at creating quality pool surrounds as well as general garden design here.

A professional contractor will also know how to protect your property and make sure that your pool remodeling project is done with minimal issues. A pool remodeling project is extremely complex and it is best left to an expert.

How to Find a Good Contractor

You can find pool remodeling contractors by searching local directories, or by contacting pool stores to find out which contractors they work with or recommend. Try to get quotes from at least three reputable contractors so that you can compare and get the best possible deal.

Every contractor should be more than willing to present you with their liability insurance information and their contractor's license. You should also get referrals from each contractor so that you can find out what past customers have to say about their work. If a contractor will not provide their insurance or licensing information, then that should raise a red flag for you and cause you to look elsewhere for a quote.

A pool remodeling project can bring your pool up to code and give it a contemporary look. Ensure you hire a responsible and professional contractor and save time by finding pre-approved local specialists online.