Interior Lighting Design

Interior Lighting DesignLighting design is important for creating the right look and effect for your home, both inside and out. A completely different atmosphere can be given to a room not only by the light fixtures you choose but also their positioning and type of light. You will get much more out of your lighting system if you put careful planning into the design.

What Is Lighting Design?

Lighting design involves several elements. They are:

  • Choosing the most suitable type of lighting fixture
  • Designing an effective layout for the lighting
  • Determining the proper color and style of lighting to get a desired effect

Not only does the lighting system have to suit each part of your home, but it also needs to be installed efficiently as well. There are several options involved with installing lighting that includes access to the lighting for maintenance, and the ability to adjust the brightness or position of the lighting, and allowing for quick replacement of damaged lights. Poorly installed lighting systems will often result in poor circuitry that leads to burnt out bulbs, which can become a costly expense over time.

Designing Interior Lighting

When considering the design of your indoor lighting, you need to be concerned as much with lighting effects as with the decorative fixture. For example, if you want to create a display area for your art in your living room, then indirect lighting may be more appropriate than direct lighting. You may even choose to starkly highlight your art display by placing lighting effects behind it as well. Despite whatever style of fixture you select, the layout of the lighting is just as important as the type.

Another point to be considered when designing interior lighting layouts is ensuring the proper access to electrical outlets. Lighting that needs to be plugged into a wall outlet should be situated near an outlet or have a new outlet made near to the desired position rather than relying on long extension cords. You can search for companies that specialize in adding new outlets online. Lighting that can be wired to a wall switch is more flexible, but you may want to consider having different light fixtures in the room controlled by separate switches. Your home may need some considerable remodeling if you want to get the ideal lighting design.

Designing Exterior Lighting

Your exterior lighting design needs to account for functionality and security as well as aesthetics. The difficulty in exterior lighting design is creating a layout that allows for maximum safety at night, but also enhances the design of the home as well. For example, a tower of floodlights may help you to walk safely from your garage to your home, but may be visually garish and show your house and garden poorly in the harsh light. Lighting accents that exist mainly to highlight design features of your landscaping will be beautiful additions to your design but may not give you much functionality of visibility or security.

Another consideration for exterior lighting design is the type and color of lighting to be used. Solar lighting can save you money on operating costs, but may produce weak light results and thus not be the best option for safe and effective lighting. Using blue or red lighting is another option for enhancing your landscaping without the harshness of white or yellow light at nighttime. There are several elements to keep in mind when putting together your exterior lighting design that will affect your budget and the final visual look of your property. When choosing a contractor for this important project make use of services that can assist you in finding potential companies and getting quotes.

Why You Need a Lighting Design Contractor

Choosing to do a lighting renovation yourself by simply selecting whatever looks the best in the local hardware store is a big mistake. A few lamps and a new shade on a pendant light will barely impact the look of your interior. A professionally designed lighting layout which takes into account energy efficient systems and daily usage patterns will save you money on operating costs by more efficiently using the light available, as well as being visually arresting. When considering an unconventional option, like red indirect lighting in the living room, you will struggle to create the precise effect you are looking for without the skill and experience of a professional.

Lighting design experts are well-versed in the materials and options available, and new designs that are currently trendy. Many lighting fixtures are not cheap and selecting a system without knowing all the options available can lead to considerable remorse. Professional lighting designers will know all the options available to create the look you want, as well as suggest new ideas to you on the best design for your requirements and budget.

How To Find a Good Lighting Design Contractor

When you search for a good lighting design contractor, you can use local company listings, directories, or speak to your the local home improvement warehouse stores to see what contractors they recommend. You can also research online to help point you in the right direction.

Different designers may have different recommendations, but as much as possible try to get your quotes itemized so you can directly compare their costs and services. Three quotes is the minimum you should seek, which can be after you have decided on the final design. You should also require that each contractor include their insurance coverage and contractor licensing information.

Ask each contractor for referrals that you can speak to, because you will want to get the opinion of past customers on the work each company has done. Be critical when choosing a lighting design contractor because the end results of the project will be very important to your home and your family.