Interior Designers and Decorators

Interior DesignersMany people are unhappy with the feel of certain areas of their home, but may be short on ideas of how to significantly change it, or worry their attempts at creativity will end up creating more mess than masterpiece.

Your best option is to call in a professional interior designer to bring out the decorative potential in your home. A professional designer is trained to look at what you have, listen to what you want, and then create something that will really make your home stand out. Investing in the services of an interior designer or decorator could be one of the best investments you will ever make for your home.

Types of Interior Designers and Decorators

Most designers and decorators, for the sake of convenience, usually separate their services into commercial and residential categories. But when you are looking for the best interior designer for your specific needs, it is useful to know what specific styles there are so that you can seek one that is already experienced in the variety you want.

Some designers specialize in period design, such as Art Deco, a very structured but vibrant design that makes architectural elements the key features of a design. Another example is Art Nouveau, which has a focus on flowing color and gentle shapes, as well as figural representations in the decoration of furniture and fixtures. A designer with period experience is especially useful if you want to include old-fashioned features such as wood paneling or wallpaper. You can begin your search for a specialist in things like wallpaper at a referral site.

Another option of design specialization is by region. A Middle-East or Arabic-style designer will be experienced in using mosaics, rich color tones, raw metal decorative pieces and geometrical design features to create very intimate areas with a relaxed mood. This sort of style also places a heavy emphasis on the use of textiles in the form of woven carpets, wall rugs, throws and cushions. Its heavy emphasis on intricate accent pieces as the main focus of a room makes it ideal to use when you want to keep your existing furniture. The addition of a few key accents will change your entire rooms' style.

The Japanese style of interior design is very simple and almost austere, with a high value placed on the use of empty space and subtle colors. It blends well with modern Scandinavian styles, colorful, and surprisingly functional. The use of colors and wall murals is very prevalent, as well as the idea of opening up space to allow the energy in a room to flow. Alternatively find a interior designer that works with modern decor such as the trend towards exposed brickwork, hardwood flooring, neon art lights and mixed textures and textiles.

There are many other types of design styles and designers to choose from when you search for a professional interior design or decorator contractor.

Why Do You Need an Interior Designer or Decorator?

Aside from helping you to achieve an amazing interior that you cannot accomplish on your own, an experienced designer can apply their skill in many other useful ways in your home. If your house has a small room, or if your home itself is smaller, then a clever designer can create ways to better use your space and make areas appear larger.

An experienced decorator can also help to choose colors that will accent your existing furnishings and make them stand out. Each color has a benefit and a challenge attached to it, and a good decorator will understand that and recommend colors that will make your home look more inviting. You can find decorators experienced with color-based decorating using online tools.

Apart from simply having one area of your home professionally designed, such as the main living area or the master bedroom, a designer can help create an overall look for your home that will flow from room to room despite their differences in function, color scheme or individual preferences. A good designer creates the home dynamic you desire utilizing materials and methods that you might never consider. A talented color decorator can create a child's bedroom that encourages calm behavior, or a living area that feels vibrant and exciting yet intimate.

Hiring an Ideal Designer or Decorator

You will never really know what an interior designer or decorator can do for your home until you invite them in and let them discuss your possibilities. When you are considering an interior design project, you should speak to several different designers if possible to first finalize your design decisions and plan what renovations will take place.

You should then get an itemized quote from your interior designer for services and work being done, and then seek out other contractors for additional quotes to compare. You may choose to use different contractors for different parts of your project, such a specialist cabinet-maker in the kitchen or an independent electrical company for any re-wiring that needs to be done. In this way you can negotiate down the initial quote from the design firm, or simply save money by outsourcing parts of the project. Don't simply rely on local phonebooks or directories for details, but branch out to specialist referral websites that can assist you in finding the perfect company for your job, such as ESFS.

Ask every contractor you hire to provide you with their relevant licenses and information on their insurance coverage with each quote. You will also want to insist that each contractor give you a written guarantee for their work. Businesses that cannot give you this information or try to persuade you it is not necessary should be excluded from working on your project.

When you talk to designers, you should come to them already having ideas of what you want to accomplish with your interior, but also be open to hearing their ideas as well. After all, you are hiring a designer for their expert knowledge as well as artistic flair. Before you make a final decision on which designer to go with, you'll want to know what vision for your home each designer has. However, be cautious of a diva designer who is more interested in their own preferences than your wishes.

An interior designer or decorator can recreate an area in your house to have a completely different personality or function; they can give you more space without changing the size of a room and make your home into a perfect expression of yourself. Take the time to find the right decorator, and then watch as your home becomes the inviting place that you have always wanted it to be.