Home Theatre & Entertainment

Home Theatre & EntertainmentHome theaters and entertainment centers can add a lot of fun to your home. Today's technology allows you to be able to watch movies at home yet feel like you are in a theater. However to fully achieve this effect takes more than just setting up a television and some stereo equipment. It takes the right setting, the proper equipment, and professional installation to get the perfect atmosphere and visual and sonic clarity.

Choosing the Right Room For Your Home Theater

There are so many things to take into consideration to create the ideal home theater. Ideally, your home theater room will have no walls exposed to the outside, no windows, and no overhead heating or cooling vents.

The walls should be insulated and not constructed from concrete. The floor should be raised and carpeted to provide further sound insulation. A bare floor is bad for sound clarity, with bare concrete being the worst possible flooring. This is because sound bounces off concrete and other hard surfaces and creates feedback and increases noise pollution outside the room. A floating floor, or raised floor, has insulation under it, a pad, and a carpet to absorb sound. Sound system specialists will be able to look at your proposed theater room and let you know what you need to do to maximize its potential. A good resource for searching through local sound system contractors can be found here.

Your home theater should not be in a high traffic area and, if possible, not have any doors leading to loud rooms like the kids' bedrooms or the rec room. You want your home theater to be isolated and perfectly soundproof to make it ideal.

Preparing Your Room To Be a Home Theater

Another consideration for home theater rooms is color. Dark colors will absorb ambient light and not reflect it. Reflected light could cause distracting light effects. To prevent this you may want to paint the walls in your home theater in dark tones, as well as ensure the carpeting, seating, and other fittings in the room are dark as well.

When using your theater you need to have the room lights off to achieve the best picture quality. However not everyone is comfortable in a perfectly dark room, particularly if they want to get up and move around during the feature. A great way to ensure safety in your home theater is to run an LED lighting rope along the walkways or room perimeter, just like they do in real theaters. An amber colored LED lighting rope is ideal for allowing people to see where they are going without ruining the theater effect.

The Home Theater Equipment You Will Need

The best choices for home theater viewing are typically either a large television screen, or a high-definition projection unit. The rapidly falling costs of large televisions have made them a tempting choice, with some of the best 60" TVs now below $1,000.

You also will want to give some thought to what formats your home theater can play. You can choose to get the full range of playback devices, from VHS tape to blu-ray players. You should even consider putting in an old laserdisc player as well. The more variety of players you have, the more ways you will have to enjoy your video entertainment. Another consideration is to add your video game system to the home theater set-up to make your game playing as exciting as your movie watching. There are 4k resolution TVs specifically designed for gaming that are also ideal for watching movies in high definition. An experienced theater installation company should be able to source any specialist equipment you desire.

You could also consider fun accessories such as giant beanbags, a popcorn machine or theater-style decorating theme. The more you do to personalize your home theater, the more fun it will be for you and your family.

Why You Need a Professional Home Theater Installation Company

Do you know how to aim your surround sound speakers so that you get just the right coverage? Are you sure that you know how to completely hook up and fine-tune all the theater equipment so that it gives the ideal quality for your room?

A professional home theater installation company can put your theater together for you component by component. You will get exactly what equipment you want, and their experienced recommendations can ensure you get the best quality for your budget. Their involvement will also ensure your equipment is installed exactly as it needs to be and you will also get your home theater room set up to give you the best possible home theater experience.

Choosing a Home Theater Installation Company

When choosing a home theater installation company, be sure to go with one that doesn't push one manufacturer over the others. Everyone's preferences, budget and home environment are different, and your ideal home theater should be put together out components that get the results you want. You may want the latest visual technology but be content with mid-tier sound systems, or vice versa. Being limited to just one manufacturer could prevent you from getting the quality you want where you want it, or it could blow your budget out of all proportion.

Collect quotes from at least three contractors and ask each contractor to include an itemized listing of the equipment and services they will be providing. The quote should also include a written guarantee for the contractor's work, as well as their contractor license and insurance coverage information.

You can find reliable home theater contractors by getting quotes online, or by talking to the local home theater component retailers. Most of the retailers have several contractors they regularly work with or can recommend to get your equipment installed properly.

A home entertainment center can be a great way for you and your family to enjoy a theater-quality setting any time you want and with any movie you want. You will no longer have to feel limited by what's popular or new. It is vital to ensure your outlay on this expensive equipment does not go to waste with incorrect installation. Choose the best possible contractor to ensure you can fully enjoy all of your favorite movies, television shows, and video games.