Driveway & Patio Remodeling

Driveway & Patio RemodelingIf you are looking for a high-impact method to improve the look of the exterior of your home, then consider doing some driveway and patio remodeling. There are many different options you can use to get unique but appealing looks for your front and backyard centerpieces. You can combine durability with a colorful and attractive finish to really make your property stand out.

Materials to Consider

When you are planning your driveway and patio remodeling projects, you should be sure to consider the full array of materials that are available. Some of the materials you can use include:

  • Concrete pavers
  • Poured concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Specialty stone such as granite
  • Asphalt

Concrete pavers come in a variety of patterns and colors, and they offer a very durable option for your remodeling project. Poured concrete can be stamped and colored to represent everything for brick to marble. The final results you get will often exceed your expectations.

You can search for local specialists in concrete coloring and stamping using this online tool.

Important Preparations for a Driveway Remodeling Project

Take the time to survey your land and determine the best way to go about your project. Remember that you will want to grade your patio or driveway to run rainwater away from your home. You will also want to be sure that you do not cross your property line if you are expanding your patio or driveway.

Contact the local utility companies to find out where the various buried lines are in your area. If you start digging and cut a line, then you will be held responsible for the cost of repairs.

What to Expect When Remodeling a Patio Or Driveway

The first step for a remodeling project is to dig up the existing material and find a way to dispose of it. This means securing large digging equipment and the proper truck for hauling the debris away. In some cases, you can hire a company to haul the debris away, but this will come at a cost.

When you dig the foundations for your patio or driveway, you must be sure that everything is level. You will need to survey the land and create a level surface for installing your pavers or any other material you plan on using. Remember to include a layer of stone as the foundation, and you will also need to use stone in between pavers to stabilize them as well. Some people use sand instead of stone, but you will need something to prevent the pavers from cracking.

Hire an Experienced and Professional Contractor

If you want to the best results from your patio or driveway remodeling project, then it is best to hire an experienced contractor. Laying pavers requires precision work, and grading the land before putting in a driveway or patio is best done by professionals, as mistakes are easy for a layman to make, and could result in costly repairs. A professional contractor will also know how to make sure that the utility power lines are not cut during the process of grading the land.

A contractor with good experience will be about to expand your list of known options, helping you to achieve a driveway that is perfectly suited to your house and land. Even if you wish to pursue a specific vision you already have in mind, discussing your ideas openly with the contractor will reveal any considerations or complications you may not have been aware of. An experienced professional will, however, be able to offer alternatives that still fit within your overall design goals. So by hiring the right contractor you may spend a little more money , but you will save it in the long run by preventing damage to your home and other landscaping elements or needing to re-do the whole thing a short time later.

Finding the Right Contractor

You can usually find leads for reputable landscaping or paving contractors through online referral websites such as this one, or at your local home improvement warehouse. You should never collect less than three quotes from three separate contractors. This allows you to compare quotes and get the one that is the best deal for you.

Talk to each contractor and share your ideas to see what they have to say. You want a contractor that takes your ideas into account, but is also able to use their own creativity to get you better results. A good contractor will also take the time to explain the limitations of your ideas based on zoning laws or issues with your property.

A reputable contractor will always be willing to provide you with their contractor's license and their commercial insurance coverage. You should also have no problem getting referrals from them of their previous clients in the area. Always call on those referrals to see what past customers have thought of the work done by each contractor and use that information to make your decision.

A driveway or patio remodeling project can enhance the exterior design of your home. Take the time to find the right contractor that can make your ideas come to life.