Carpentry - Built in Furniture, Closets and Custom Cabinets

CarpentryWoodwork makes a powerful statement in the interior design of any home, regardless of how it is used. The most noticeable and luxurious woodwork you can get is custom-made, whether in the form of closets, built-in furniture, kitchen cabinets or freestanding furniture pieces. The final results will be impressive and built-in carpentry work never fails to increase the value of your home.

Choosing The Kind Of Wood To Use

Oak and pine are two very common types of wood used for built-in cabinets and furniture, and this prevalence makes them a good economic option, or if you intend the wood to be painted. Pine is also used for most projects that desire a rustic look, as it is the primary wood used in such settings. These common woods can be finished in a variety of stains to mimic other woods, but there is no substitute for the real thing. A good craftsman will be willing to help you choose from a number of types of wood to get the finish you are looking for.

Instead of oak or pine for your cabinets, you could consider a wood such as cherry. The grain on cherry is very pronounced, and the subtle red color is beautifully unique. Cherry is also an extremely durable wood that will last for many years. You can find online databases containing images of every type of wood so you can choose the exact shade and grain you prefer.

Tips for Creating Built-in Furniture, Cabinets or Closets

Plan out your cabinets and closets before you start building. The wood and supplies you will be using can be expensive and you do not want to end up with wasted materials. For this reason you will need exact measurements of all aspects of the project. If you are having your cabinets re-made, decide whether you simply want them refaced or completely constructed from scratch. You can find carpenters in your local area that specialize in either of those jobs using online quote services.

When you are planning an expensive custom carpentry project, you need to ensure that your new addition is enhancing the current interior decor of the house. If your choice of wood color will not suit the existing décor or will overshadow it by being too bold, you should get the advice of your carpenter and consider a lighter colored wood. Having to spend more on changing the color of costly wood or to change the whole room's color scheme is not the desired outcome.

Hire a Professional Carpenter

Carpenters spend years honing their craft and developing the skills to create beautiful cabinets and built-in furniture. Carpenters also know how to use the right tools to get the job done with minimal waste. Although many power tools used in the craft can be purchased or even rented, your results will never compare with that of an experienced professional.

A carpenter can work with you to find the best possible wood for your project and make certain that the finished product is exactly what you want. Preferably your chosen contractor will have worked on many similar projects before and be able to offer you guidance on what will work and what can cause problems. In a complicated project using wood there can be many difficulties that a novice will not foresee, such as how to best maintain the structural integrity of the furniture, or ensure it can bear enough weight to last through years of usage. Creating beautiful furniture, cabinets and closets takes a true craftsman.

Finding the Right Professional Carpenter

You can find listings for carpenters in your local paper, phonebook, or you can go online and do some research. A good website to start finding quotes from local custom furniture craftsmen can be found here. You should also be able to get carpenter referrals from the local home improvement warehouse.

It is a good idea to get price quotes from at least three carpenters, and have a well-defined scope of work for each of them to quote on. You want to be able to compare the quotes side by side, so ensure that each aspect of the work and equipment is itemized to allow direct comparison.

An experienced carpenter will be able to give you references of past clients to call that will let you know what kind of work they have done in the past and to what standard. A reputable professional will also be happy to provide you with their insurance information and contractor's license. It is not prudent to do business with carpenters who will not show you their credentials or claim they are not necessary for your project.

When you choose the right carpenter and plan the details of your project well, you should end up with a custom feature in your home that will be a point of interest and personalization that will be a pleasure to use. Woodwork makes your home feel warmer and gives a very sophisticated look to any room.