Basement Remodeling

Basement RemodelingThere are many different types of basement remodeling projects that can be undertaken. Some of the more common basement remodeling projects are designed to:

  • Create more living space
  • Build the ultimate man cave
  • Open up another bedroom in the house
  • Create a home theatre room
  • Build a home gym

Whatever your reason for a basement remodeling project, you will need to make sure that you get everything right the first time. This brings quite a lot of factors and considerations into account, which is why it is always best to hire a professional contractor from the start. A professional will make sure that everything is correctly built and installed, and that you get the results you want with a minimum of fuss.

Pick a Theme

Whether you are creating a new bedroom or a home gym, it is important to choose a theme for your basement remodeling project. The theme could consist of a particular color scheme, or you may want to make your basement look like a section of your favorite baseball park.

A theme makes it easier to plan the project, develop a budget, and add those accessories that create the finishing touches. Sit down with a pen and paper and decide what theme you want your basement to have, and then use that to plan your project.

Preparing the Basement for Remodeling

The biggest concern in a basement remodeling project is moisture. If the basement does not leak but does get very damp, then installing a dehumidifier will solve the problem. But if the basement leaks, then that will need to be addressed before the project can move forward.

A leaky basement will destroy any of the remodeling work you do and cause significant damage to any equipment you put in the basement. It takes a professional contractor to truly waterproof a basement, as the problem could either be inside or outside of the home's foundation. Talk to a professional contractor and make sure that your basement is nice and dry before you get started. This website is a good resource for comparing compare quotes from local basement waterproofing professionals.

Decor Options

A basement usually requires special kinds of paints and other materials to be finished properly. But there are basement floor paints that can make your floor look like hardwood, linoleum, or a variety of other floorings. You can also use specialty paints to make your walls look like paneling or other kinds of effects.

There is a misconception that remodeling a basement only results in a basic living space. The truth is that there are plenty of decor options for you to choose from that will make your basement look exciting and dynamic by the time it is done.

Putting Drywall In Your Basement

Some people want that finished look of drywall in their basement, which makes the basement look more like the rest of the house. If you do put drywall up in your basement, be sure to allow access to the pipes, wires, gauges, and valves that are all over your basement walls, floor, and ceiling.

One way to allow access to the important control parts of your home is to put small doors in the drywall and allow access in that way. Another solution is to create closets at the access points and have one big door instead of several smaller doors.

If you want to put up a drywall ceiling in your basement, then you will definitely have to make provisions for pipes, ducts, and electrical wiring. Be mindful of these elements in your basement because you will want to maintain easy access to them at all times. You can find a local drywall installation contractor here.

Things to Consider With Your Project

Your basement remodeling project may require a significant amount of plumbing, electrical, and structural work. When you have made the decision to remodel your basement, your next decision should be what contractor you want to work with. In order to get everything done that needs to be done in a project like this, you will require the work of a certified professional contractor.

Choosing the Contractor to Work With

The key to finding the right contractor is to take quotes from several different contractors and then compare those quotes side by side. Always spend time talking to each contractor to make sure that they raise the same issues and have the same project priorities as other contractors. A good contractor will be ready to show you their insurance coverage information and their local contractor license. If the contractor you are talking to is not interested in showing you this information, then you should find a more reputable contractor to work with.

It is important to have every contractor include the full scope of work in each quote so that you are comparing similar quotes. You should also insist that each contractor include a written guarantee for their work as well.

Remodeling the basement can create more living space in your home, or give you the man cave you have always wanted. By choosing the right contractor, you will be assured of getting the basement of your dreams.